The Perfect Mobile App


If you’re going to have a proper mobile App, versus just a mobile website (or thin App shell), you may as well make best use of all that client side access. Now you’ll have to win the right to ask for all this access – but done right, with the right reassurance, I’ll let you in.

[Quick aside: you may wish to architect the following to minimise data transfer back to servers, for reasons of data protection and consumer trust]

1) Get access to my email. Past order confirmation emails, promotional subscriptions and triggered emails will let you know what I like and what I’m doing. You should know who my insurance is with, when it is due for renewal. You can tell what I bought in the past and infer brand preferences, price brackets etc… You can also see any emails sent by websites to draw me back to their sites – giving you insights on transaction not yet closed.

2)  Get access to my Calendar. You can see where I want to travel to, where I’ll need to be and where it might suit me to visit / stay. You can offer to book me a cab to the airport, or a discount on luggage delivered to my house in time for my next big trip. Like Google Now you have the perfect excuse to have a conversation with me, we’ll get to like each other and maybe chat about other things …

3) Get access to my location. I think everyone gets this, but do it in a power efficiency way so I don’t have to ever shut you down! Also, think before you act on my current location. I may be moving at 60mph away from the area you’re just about to tell me about – guess where is truly relevant and not just what’s under my nose.

4) Know what mood I’m in. Listen to my surroundings (use the microphone), am I watching TV or standing on a bus? Am in warrior or potato mode. Know when and when not to interrupt me, and tailor what you say based on what I’m doing.

5) Be my working memory. I don’t want to have to ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ – it is so explicit and old school! If I’ve just read something, distill all the unique entities in it and line them up as a timeline of my reading/browsing. If I’ve just looked at a phone number on a webpage 2 minutes ago, show it as an option in the Dialler.

Just some ideas (feel free to add) …

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