john-connollyFIXZR is written by John Connolly (me). I wanted to create a place to air my views, stir things up and maybe spark some interesting conversations. I’d welcome discussion and debate, either on the blog or directly with myself. You can contact me at john.connolly@fixzr.com.

By way of background on myself (so you know what axe I’m grinding), I’m a ex-techie, ex-VC, sometime entrepreneur, with a love of all things simple on the surface and complex underneath! I enjoy problem solving, and have been working on projects in the Tech and Telecoms sectors for around 17 years now.

I’m Irish (from Dundalk), married, live in London, have a full time position as Daddy, and have had the privilege to work with many great people at Expedia, Accenture, Apax, Wigadoo (a company I helped co-found) and many many great clients. From patenting ideas to navigating Board room diplomacy, I enjoy cracking every aspect of a problem until the job is done.

I’ve decided to set my ‘brain filter’ to medium for this blog. Some of the more inventive and outrageous thoughts that fire through my head on a daily basis won’t appear here. That said, the odd ‘half baked’ idea will, so I reserve the right to contradict myself, and in a vain way hope I’ll not be held ‘too hostage’ to my own public musings.

I’m on Twitter (as one must be) @jplconnolly. If you actually know me feel free to connect on Facebook. I write this stuff in the hope that someone is reading, so if you’re out there I hope you’re enjoying it !

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